Finding a last-minute shipping solution for lifesaving drugs or essential goods can be a huge headache for companies. We, at Sentry Logistics Group, provide unique hotshot transportation solutions to all your low volume and time-sensitive shipments in the United States and Canada. 

We have a dedicated and professional team of drivers at the helm of providing fast and reliable hotshot trucking services in the North Carolina region. Local, regional,  national, we understand freight urgencies up and close, unlike many other freight forwarding companies. 

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Hotshot Freight Services

When time is of extreme importance, Sentry Logistics Group puts its best team ahead to get your freight delivered to the desired destination, in excellent condition without any delay.  

From detailed planning, loading/unloading obtaining transportation permits, to managing all the modalities involved, we are by your side ensuring exceptional hotshot transportation solutions. 

From plant machinery, medical equipment, agricultural goods to any other cargo—light or heavy, small or big— we have a hotshot freight solution ready for you, in record time, and with the promise of immaculate execution. 

Shipping to the next city, state, across the nation, count on Sentry Logistics Group to be your trusted hotshot trucking partner in the North Carolina region. We have the technical know-how and industry experience that has supported frequent time-bound and unique freight needs of industries nationwide. 

Successfully achieve regular and erratic supply chain demands with confidence in our expedited hotshot transportation services in the US and Canada. 

Extensive Fleet of Hotshot Transportation Carriers

We have hundreds of owned and rented transportation carriers to provide express freight shipping services in the US and Canada. 

Regardless of the weight and size of the cargo, we have a world-class carrier available. 

The hotshot carriers include 

  • Cargo vans 
  • Trucks & trailers 
  • Heavy load carriers  
  • Hotshot haulers 

By leveraging our carrier network and active shipments, Sentry Logistics Group promises safe and timely deliveries, anywhere around. 

Our dedicated 24*7 support team provides regular alerts on the updated status of the deliveries. So, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that your goods will arrive on time. 

As a leading choice in professional
hotshot transportation in  North Carolina, we can streamline your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual supply chain needs. 

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Sentry Logistics Group: Your Dependable Hotshot Trucking Company in NC

We are proud of our extensive logistics and freight capabilities that are integral to our successful hotshot deliveries, every single time. Whether shipping TL (Truckload) or LTL (less-than-truckload), we have freight forwarding solutions marked with the stamp of effective and efficient customer service. 

We can pick up and deliver goods, anytime or any day or anywhere in the USA and Canada. 

Regardless of the load, schedule, destination, or the unpredictable nature of the freight, Sentry Logistics Group is committed to making critical freights, seamless experience to all our customers. 

With an unparalleled level of commitment to delivering an outstanding experience, we look forward to being your hotshot trucking partner in North Carolina.  

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