Unusually heavy, mammoth-size, and extremely heavy equipment can be a huge challenge to transport anywhere in the world. However, at Sentry Logistics Group, we solve all the complications with our specialized heavy load freight services in North Carolina. 

For over-sized power plant equipment to over-weight machinery, we have heavy haul carriers that can seamlessly and safely handle your tenacious and time-bound logistics needs, throughout the United States and Canada.

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We conquer challenges that come along Heavy Load Freight & Logistics

Heavy load freight is different from regular shipping services. It possesses comprehensive logistics that vary from state to state and requires an experienced freight partner to cut through all the intricacies involved. 

We, at Sentry Logistics Group, offer our wealth of knowledge and industry experience to provide end-to-end freight solutions for heavyweight goods. A skilled and professional team works with you, round the clock, to make your freight a complete success, and offers complete peace of mind. 

From procuring heavy haul carriers, managing inter and intrastate shipping regulations to ensuring safe and timely delivery of the cargo, we are steadfast in our approach to render world-class heavy load freight services in the USA and Canada. 

Though specialized in agricultural logistics, we have a tremendous track record of working in other industries as well including mining, oil and gas, power, construction, and many more. Every project is unique for us and receives impartial and unparalleled attention. 

Why choose Sentry Logistics Group for Heavy Load Freight Services?

  • Access to heavy haul carriers with lifting equipment to load and unload cargo
  • Years of industry experience 
  • Adheres to strict DOT guidelines
  • Time-sensitive freight services 
  • Exceptional pricing 

Cargo as expansive as industrial machinery that does not fit your standard flatbed transportation carriers requires expert special trucks and trailers to haul them to the desired destination. Taking away all the hassles that come along with heavy haul trucking, Sentry Logistics Group looks forward to working with you in the near future. 

Let’s Plan Your Heavy Load Freight in North Carolina

Sentry Logistics Group is pro in planning, organizing, and executing freight forwarding, of any scale and proportion. From selecting a trusted heavy hauling carrier, obtaining requisite permits to planning the optimal transportation route, you’ll have our team by your side to ensure the cargo delivery in excellent condition.

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