Freight Futures: Carriers to Choose

A freight carrier is a company that transports goods of a company from one place to another. They work as a medium between the source and the consumer creating a lifeline for the economy. They are a vital component of a supply chain and make the image of a company. The Sentry Logistics Group is an adept Freight Carrier. You can know more about us here.

Freight Carriers transport goods from point A to point B through any of the media including air, sea, road, and rail. Freight carriers operate locally within a state, on a national basis or internationally. Depending on the scope of the carrier, they have to abide by local, domestic or international freight regulations.

It is important to choose the correct freight carrier for your business. Cost, efficiency, reliability, and safety are among the few factors which can determine the image and profitability of your enterprise. Whether you have a B2B or B2C model enterprise, freight carriers play an important role in fulfilling your supply chain. The Sentry Logistics Group provides the best solutions for all types of business. We are the number one logistics company in North Carolina. Visit us here to choose from a list of our services.

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There are several types of freight load options available in the market:

    • Full Truck Load (FTL):

      The entire truck carries merchandise of one company only. This type of freight load option has the fastest delivery time as the truck moves directly from the source to the origin of the merchandise.

    • Less than a Truck Load (LTL):

      The truck carries goods of more than one company. This situation arises when the companies have to transport goods less than what the full truck can hold. In this model of freight load option, the merchandise has to endure multiple loading unloading activities and takes more time to get delivered.

    • Partial Truck Load (PTL):It is an option in-between FTL and LTL. The advantage of the option is that the merchandise has to undergo lesser handling than the LTL option.

We at Sentry Logistics Group are committed to solving all your freight needs. We provide domestic and international solutions to our customers. Contact us here for a free quote.

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