Sentry Logistics Group has an extensive fleet of flatbed transportation carriers to meet your unique freight requirements, ranging from shipping trucks to heavy haul specialized trailers. We have hundreds of owned and rented carriers sufficing your flatbed transportation requirements.

Specializing in the agricultural industry, out flatbed trucking company, based in Dunn, NC, serving customized solutions for open deck shipments throughout the United States and Canada. From loading/unloading, seeking transportation permits to selecting optimal shipping routes, look no further than Sentry Logistics Group.

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Flatbed transportation carriers are needed if

  • The goods can be loaded and unloaded only from the side or top of the truck
  • The goods are broad enough to fit into a standard closed truck
  • The weight of the goods is more than 500 lbs
  • The goods can be transported without any temperature-controlled environment.
  • The goods can sustain long-hours of traveling in the open air

Enjoy greater flexibility to transport goods, of any shape and size, without causing any unprecedented damage on our flatbed transportation carriers. Some of the types of goods transported on flatbed platforms are water pipes, molds, tanks, steel rods, machines, and construction materials.

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Industry Leading Flatbed & Trucking Company in North Carolina

Sentry Logistics Group has extensive knowledge and industry experience in providing customized logistics and freight solutions to your flatbed shipping needs. Count on our team to address critical hotshot freight deliveries anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Meticulous and measured in our fundamental approach, we engineer flatbed transportation while adhering to all the national and international regulations.

Offering outstanding customer services and complete peace of mind to our clients, Sentry Logistics Group has become a sought-after choice of many clients in agriculture, construction, mining, energy, and other industries.

We take immense pride in our qualified, trained, and vetted pool of professional drivers. From managing the loading/unloading, seeking permits to ensuring safe and timely cargo delivery, our flatbed transportation carriers provider promise exceptional customer service.

We keep your freight protected against in-transit damage ensuring you get your goods in the best condition. Eliminating all the stress that comes with commercial and industrial transportation, Sentry Logistics Group can be your trusted partner to manage all the logistics.